Our Impact


LOUISIANA RIGHT TO LIFE is the leading PREAUX LIFE voice in Louisiana, defending life since its founding in 1970!

Since 1973, more than 500,000 Louisiana babies have been aborted, and we mourn for their lives. Their witness motivates us every day to protect every human life.

Louisiana is a pro-life state, but we must work until every life is protected by law and welcomed with love. YOUR SUPPORT AND ACTION IS NEEDED TO CONTINUE OUR LIFE-SAVING WORK!

Through our leadership since 1970, babies are now protected in Louisiana from abortion! Whether in classrooms, in the halls of the Legislature, or anywhere else in Louisiana, we strive to advance a culture of life.  We must continue to keep Louisiana pro-life, protect life, help moms, and promote adoption!

From U.S. Majority Leader Steve Scalise

“Louisiana Right to Life has been instrumental in advancing the pro-life message while fighting to protect the lives of the unborn. I am honored to work together with Louisiana Right to Life as we continue this vital crusade in the years ahead.”


Louisiana is often ranked as the most pro-life state in America because of Louisiana Right to Life’s leadership at the State Capitol. Since 1970, we have represented you and, most importantly, all unborn babies and their mothers, passing well over 60 pro-life laws!

Here’s some highlights:

In 2020, we led the campaign to pass the Love Life Constitutional Amendment, which received 62 percent of the vote and garnered more
votes in support than any other ballot measure or candidate in Louisiana history.


“It was great having you here talking to our class. You were a great inspiration to me. At the beginning of your speech, I wasn’t sure if I was pro-life, but after you talked,I completely disagree with abortions and think it should be stopped all together.”  — Female High School Student at Cabrini New Orleans

We change hearts and minds by educating all citizens on the reality of abortion and other life issues. Our programs below engage youth and adult audiences.

EQUIPPING THE YOUTH TO BE LEADERS: Since 2008, we have educated over 70,000 young people in-person with the pro-life message!



Service to families and pregnancy centers providing direct assistance to mothers is essential to our mission.