Bayou Right to Life

James J. Hubbell, President

Bayou Right to Life Facts and Events:

  • Bayou Right To Life has existed since the late 1970s and has been directed by James J. Hubbell since the early 80s.
  • Bayou Right to Life comprises the communities within Assumption Parish and is interdenominational, having members from the various churches in the Parish.
  • Bayou Right To Life conducts 3 different life chains at the beginning of October each year.
  • In January, BRTL conducts an interdenominational prayer service on the steps of the courthouse to observe the infamous legalized abortion decision.
  • BRTL has erected signs along the major highways in Assumption Parish as well as on individual’s private property. BRTL has yard signs available for individuals who wish to display them.
  • In cooperation with the local Knights of Columbus Councils, monuments to the unborn have been placed at the five Catholic churches in the Parish. A display of crosses for the cemetery for the aborted unborn is usually placed at the various churches in January.

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